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Whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail, exploring the South American jungle, or just camping by the roadside, the one thing you need is a shelter to keep you comfortable and protected from the elements. And, although it may seem like you would need specialized gear if you’re going to be in extreme environments or trekking for extended periods of time, there’s one piece of equipment that is so versatile that it can take you just about anywhere — a Hennessy Hammock.

Camping hammocks have become increasingly popular for their comfort and ease of use. Many of them are lightweight, pack down small, and don’t require extra accessories. There are many reasons why camping hammocks have become the shelter of choice for many adventure-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, but one thing is for sure — not all camping hammocks are alike.

For over 20 years Hennessy hammocks have been used by hikers, bikers, kayakers, and climbers, as well as soldiers, explorers, and rescue workers, just to name a few. The name Hennessy has become synonymous with quality, comfort, and most importantly, versatility. Few other shelters can go where a Hennessy goes and provide the benefits that it provides, especially at such a fair price point.

If you’re in the market for a shelter that will be with you for the long haul, one that you can rely on for your first adventure or your last, to go with you wherever the road may take you (even if there aren’t any roads), a Hennessey camping hammock is a perfect choice.

With Versatility Comes Freedom

To say that something is versatile means that it can be easily adapted to various situations. When you’re on the trail or exploring unknown territory, versatility is a must because you have to be able to adapt to your surroundings, unexpected weather, or whatever else comes your way. The only way to do this is to ensure that your gear is versatile. If it’s too big, too heavy, requires additional tools, or is only suited for certain environments and locations, it will limit where you can go.

Versatility is the key to freedom and being able to go where you want to go without restriction. And, there’s no better piece of equipment than embodies versatility like a Hennessy.


At the very heart of versatility is the ability to be able to customize your gear to suit your needs. At Hennessy Hammock, we know that every person is just as unique as their adventures and that’s why what works for one person may not be ideal for another. Therefore, we didn’t just set out to create the one perfect hammock, we set out to create the one perfect hammock for you.

We have more than 20 different hammock models ranging from the smallest camping shelter for kids to the large, extra-durable Deep Jungle hammock designed to keep you safe and comfortable in the most extreme environments. Our hammocks come in various sizes and you can even choose whether or not you want one that has a bottom or side entry. Not sure which one to choose? Want to compare models quickly? Check out our comparison chart to make it easy to find the perfect hammock.

However, customization of our camping hammocks goes well beyond just choosing your model. We also offer a variety of features and accessories that you can choose from to make your hammock your own. Going camping when the temperatures are cold enough to keep you up at night? Consider customizing your hammock with one of our heat-reflecting insulation pads. Want more protection from the rain while you’re at camp? Consider upgrading to one of our larger rain flies so you have a comfy, dry area to hang out while you prepare your meal.

There are dozens of ways that you can customize your Hennessy and make it the ultimate and most versatile piece of gear you’ll ever own. From extra SnakeSkins and larger webbing straps to extra mesh pockets to hold all of your essentials — at Hennessy Hammock, we’ve tried to think of everything! Visit our accessories page for even more ideas on how to customize your hammock.

Go Anywhere

Many shelters have limitations on where you can use them or how far you can take them. Most tents, for instance, are somewhat large, cumbersome to carry, and require a groundpad or other flat, even space on which to pitch it. If you’re going to be in some extreme environments, you may have to be careful about staying in a tent on the ground where you could be in the path of floodwaters or dangerous creatures that crawl and slither in the night.

With a Hennessy hammock, you can safely secure your shelter above ground. Not only will your location offer more protection, but the bugproof mesh and rainproof rainfly will ensure that you’re protected even from the things that travel through the air.

No Tent Site? No Problem!

If you’ve primarily camped in a tent, then you know the struggles of having to find a large, flat surface on which to place your tent. Unfortunately, those perfect sites are often impossible to find if you’re surrounded by rocky or tree-filled terrain. The good news is that with a camping hammock, you can set up your shelter just about anywhere. As an added bonus, when you hang your hammock using our included webbing straps, you’re lessening your footprint on the land. No more driving stakes into the ground or leaving an imprint of your tent. Just untie your hammock when you’re done and no one would ever know that you were there.

Fast Set-Up

Sometimes you have to cut a trip short or take a different route because you know that you won’t have time to set up your camp before dark. With a Hennessy hammock, this issue doesn't exist. That’s because our hammocks are designed to be put up and taken down with the greatest ease. In fact, many people set up their hammock in under 5 minutes! Don’t believe us? Just watch this video of Tom Hennessy to see just how easy it is.

Go Farther

Another limitation that some shelters have is the ability to be put up easily and carried long distances. When you’re going uphill, through extreme terrain, or covering long distances, every ounce counts. Having equipment that is lightweight and can be carried easily is essential. Even if you’re only planning a short trip, having the ability to go farther if you want to or if you need to is peace of mind.

While you can certainly invest in multiple pieces of equipment for different types of trips, why not buy one that can do it all? A Hennessy hammock is perfect for those quick, last-minute weekend trips but it’s also versatile enough to take you on a month-long adventure on the other side of the earth.

Multiple Uses

One of the things that make a Hennessy the most versatile hammock is its ability to transform into whatever you need. No matter where you’re going or what kind of camping you’re doing, chances are you have limited space to carry your equipment. This is especially true if you’re embarking on a backpacking trip or going on an expedition where you’ll have to carry everything you need on your back. Fortunately, when you have a Hennessy hammock, it’s like having multiple pieces of equipment in one.

Although a Hennessy is really comfortable to sleep in at night, when you need to take a break during the day, you don’t necessarily want to climb in your hammock and lay down. Fortunately, you can use your Hennessy as a piece of camp furniture as well. Just follow these simple steps on how to use your camping hammock as a chair and you’ll have a comfy place to sit down and relax whenever you need it.

Get the Only Shelter You’ll Ever Need — Order a Hennessy!

If you’re looking for the ideal shelter that can go anywhere and make your life easier, order a Hennessy hammock and experience the difference. Our versatile hammocks take camping to a whole new level. Once you see just how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is to sleep in, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. It truly is a game-changer.

At Hennessy Hammock, we've made it our mission to create the most functional, lightweight, comfortable hammock possible. Not only that, but we continuously improve upon our concept to be able to offer more features and improved versatility.

Interested in learning more about what makes a Hennessy the best camping hammock on the market? Visit our features page or hear from actual campers on our testimonials page to learn what they like best. Or, check one out for yourself — visit our website to browse our models and accessories to start building your perfect hammock today!

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